Music engraving services

Exemplarr Worldwide Ltd is one of the few contemporary companies that provide top-notch professional music engraving services including music typesetting, note setting, editing and score preparation. We devotedly share your passion for quality music and provide you with virtuous customer service. We have a qualified team of musicians and copyists who have multiple years of experience in this field. Using the most current software for engraving, our team specializes in transforming handwritten manuscripts into a computer typeset electronic engraving for a successful presentation or publication.

We typeset a variety of genres in music from solo instrumental music to large symphonic works, from vocals to opera materials, orchestra and choral parts, piano reductions and a lot more. Our clients are mostly publishing houses, musicians, musicologists and music teachers as well as students in need of music material to illustrate their works adapting to current publishing standards or styles set by the publisher, orchestras, composers, arrangers or song writers.

Exemplarr Worldwide Ltd has worked on a range of clients in this industry, with projects ranging from budding artists with one-liner notes to full score big bands and orchestras; we specialize is making music tutorial playbacks. Our dexterity has allowed us to work on notations of songs with lyrics written in various languages or played in extended instrumental techniques like microtones.

Our vast experience and in-depth understanding of the modern music industry helps us provide high quality music engraving and typesetting and thus satisfying out customer needs to the fullest. Our analysts keep up-to-date on audience data through intellectual analysis and latest technologies for facilitating the production of effective music solutions at lower budgets. We also assist you in efficiently managing copyrights and publicity practices. Our attractive prices and quick turnaround time has brought us laurels from our past clients.

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