HTML 5 Conversion Services

Aesthetic design, cost-effective development – guaranteed!

HTML 5, which works across all browsers and devices, is the latest version of HTML. Besides offering the user a rich browsing experience, it is hassle free for developers to work with. Businesses are switching to HTML 5 by the day; if you are among those early birds, and are looking for expert assistance with your HTML 5 conversion requirements you are at the right place.

At Exemplarr, we understand how HTML 5 can help you reach users on a wide range of browsers and devices. Our expert designers, developers and programmers work with you to understand your specific HTML 5 conversion requirements and work towards meeting them, be it changes in the interface, design, layout, file formats or content treatment.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of devices today, we first create wireframes to demonstrate factors such as functionality and user interface from a usability perspective. This then serves the base for further design across platforms and devices. Our processes are devised to ensure smooth porting of your content and graphics to various platforms and devices without disrupting the richness of visuals and functionalities and built-in responsive design.

Following are the various HTML 5 conversion services we offer:

Flash -> HTML5/JS/CSS

HTML5 builds can be accessed from a range of devices. Interactivity can be built into HTML5 with the support of JavaScript and layouts can be handled using CSS. You may have an interactive eLearning material or a simulation or even a flash based website. This can be re-written in HTML5. Apart from being cross-platform, another very important feature of HTML5 is that you can even bundle it into an App, an ePub for e-Readers or even a SCORM compliant LMS package. Various mobile technologies are improving and extending their features with the help of HTML5.

Exemplarr has the know-how on creating these builds optimally. If required, we can also recode the flash interactivity in JavaScript to retain the original functionality.

Flash Animation -> M4V / OGG

To provide device support in flash-free environments, non-interactive flash animations can be converted into M4V / OGG files that can run on HTML5 browsers with high video and audio quality. These movies can be embedded into mobile apps as well. When flash files contain simple interactivity like navigation and click events, this can be removed from the flash file.

Exemplarr has the expertise in not only cleaning up flash files but also reengineering the SWF files back into flash for conversion purposes. Apart from creating movies from flash, we also have the capability in editing audio and video separately when such a need arises.

Flash -> App (iOS and Android)

Original flash packages can be rebuilt and sold through the Apple iStore. The process involves upgrading the script to AS3 wherever interactivity is required and retaining the rest of the flash as video, animation and graphics. This is particularly useful for eLearning packages that are presently sold online for the desktop. With customers moving from desktop to mobile it becomes important to provide this in the newer platform where the customers are moving to. This could be done both for iOS and Android.

Exemplarr has a team that works on these conversions

Artwork/Illustration/Logo -> SVG

Artwork and Illustrations including logos used in books and websites get jagged when resized. Resizing becomes essential when using them on mobile devices including Pads and Phones. To ensure that the original quality is retained during this conversion, it is important to have them created in a vector art format like SVG. SVG is a format that is rendered by most popular browsers today.

Exemplarr has artists who can redraw these pictures and convert them into vector art and SVG. The other services that we also provide include color correction, dust mark removal, image enhancement and clean up.