Animation and Simulation

The latest trends suggest that effective content is becoming highly engaging, dynamic and interactive. At Exemplarr, we use a mix of technologies such as Shockwave, Flash, DHTML, and JavaScript to keep your content dynamic. We develop engaging 2D as well as 3D animations for your learning requirements. In the area of Simulations, we use smart multi-tier technology to allow users to apply their knowledge and test their skills in a realistic simulated environment. We can also develop games that integrate well with the learning objectives of a program.

Artwork and Animation

  • Artwork, Illustrations and Animation are required to explain concepts in Learning Material
  • Exemplarr’s creative team works together with the Instructional Designers to create technically correct illustrations and animations.


  • Artwork / Illustrations creation (from Original, Reference)
  • Artwork / Illustration touch up (for Photographs, Logos, Illustrations, Icons, Cartoons etc.)
  • Artwork – Character Development for Cartoons, Different views and expressions
  • Artwork – Matte Painting
  • Artwork – Set Design : Sketch and 3D
  • Animation – 2D and 3D (Technical, Medical, Industrial, Walk-throughs, Advertisements, Film making, Episodes/Series, Scenario based, Culturally correct)
  • Animation – Special Effects for Videos/Movies

Ancillary Services

  • Converting 2D art into animation (Book Illustrations ex., Children’s books)
  • Publishing Animations to specific device agnostic formats

Game Based Learning

  • Game Based Learning is becoming a popular model for eLearning. GBL helps students in keeping their attention on the task (game). This helps them learn while they enjoy playing.
  • Along with Interactivity and Simulations, the programmers also write games in Flash.


  • Game Design Document Development with ID
  • Game Background Artwork and UI development
  • Game Character Design and Animation
  • Game scripting – AS2.0 / AS3.0 / HTML5 / JS

Ancillary Services

  • Backend Support for Score submission and results

Audio Video Editing

  • Audio and Video have become an essential part of any digital presentation be it corporate, academic, industrial or any type of elearning. Almost every AV element requires editing of some sort. This could involve adding re-organizing content, optimizing files or adding special effects.
  • Exemplarr’s creative team comes from a movie editing background and has worked on editing at very large levels. The team understands the best practices of the industry and all the technical information required to make such edits.


  • Audio editing, mixing, format conversion, compression and optimizing
  • Video editing, mixing, format conversion, compression and optimizing
  • Special Effects